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The Deerfield Valley and specifically Wilmington VT was recently hit with a major tragedy. Hurricane Irene flooded much of the area and destroyed businesses throughout beloved downtown Wilmington.
Unfortunately, flood insurance and FEMA rarely give support to businesses that lose inventory or equipment. This website and relief fund, with coordination through the Deerfield Valley Rotary Club and the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce, has been setup to help offset any replacement costs or repair expenses. Please follow the PayPal link below to donate to the fund. We have 501c3 status so donate huge amounts! 100% of the donations will be awarded to local Wilmington, Dover, and Whitingham businesses.

Update - In an effort to help the area, consider doing your Christmas shopping locally or stay and play another day. Every little bit helps.

Donations have officially been closed for this fund.
For information on where to donate visit

For questions or inquiries, feel free to call
"Deerfield Valley Rotary Fund"
c/o Adam Palmiter

August 6, 2012 - So proud to have been featured in the Vermont Community Foundation's Video about Flood Relief and honored by the Governor and Preservation Trust of Vermont for the work we were luckily able to do in helping with flood relief.

March 22, 2012 - We have had our final meeting as the fund to give out the remainder of the grant money. The final tall was around $450,000! Thank you so much to everyone who donated and made this fund more than I could have ever hoped it would be. Wilmington and the Deerfield Valley are on the road to recovery and this has been a monumental effort in helping that to happen. Please, if you have interest in donating still, visit for the most current funds still actively giving grants for ongoing maintenance, rents, personal initiatives, and more. Donors, committee members, local business owners, and anyone who was involved, I thank you with the deepest gratitude and warmth in my heart.
Adam Palmiter - Wilmington VT Flood Fund Founder

December 27, 2011 - We received a generous $75,000 donation today from a charitable foundation. What a terrific Christmas present. The same foundation is going to be matching the next $25,000 in donations so please donate now if you are considering, and your amount will be doubled!

December 20, 2011 - So glad to be featured in the full length version of the Irene Flood Film put together by the Vermont Community Foundation. The vignette below is a little snippet of what to expect.

December 10, 2011 - $230,000! Though donations have slowed dramatically, they are still trickling in, which means a lot to our cause. Knowing that even 3 months after our disaster people are still thinking of us and doing their best to help means the world. We are very anxious to see if the holiday rush in the area helps bring in more funds so that we can help more businesses. The Light Up The Valley campaign is in full swing and it is amazing to drive up and down Route 100 to see all of the businesses that have participated and look beautifully lit up at night with holiday lights. Likewise, I took a shopping stroll around downtown Wilmington this past week, and the businesses that have already reopened are bustling and look tremendous. In the long run we can only remember the good that came out of this flood as businesses are now updated and amazing.

November 6, 2011 - The third round of grants has been given out. We are almost at our limit for funds, and are hoping to get more donations in, so please continue to get friends and family to donate. Recipients include, Sprague Welding, Jim McGrath Painting, Ann Coleman Painting, Roseate Creations, Young and Constantin, Gallery Wright Sticks and Stones Studio, The Fashion Plate, Cady & Dugan Law Offices, Wilmington Home Center, 4 North Main Street, Apres Vous, The Brookhouse Country Stores, Brookside Stables, The Sitzmark, McBriertys Market, The Vermont House, Hayseed Gifts, Pickwells Barn, North Star Bowl, Mike Redin Locksmith, Blue Mountain Produce, The Old Red Mill, Wilmington Baptist Church, Beanheads, Vermont Candle Company, Rivers Edge Country Store, and more.

October 20, 2011 - The second round of grants is out! Over $130,000 in grants and 16 businesses have been awarded grants. We still have more to give so keep checking for updates, donating money, and spreading the word to help us spread the smiles :) Check the Grantees page for photos of the checks being handed out!

October 12, 2011 - The first round of grants have been dispersed and are already making a difference in the community. The next round will be considered tomorrow morning. Please continue to get applications in. Go to the APPLY page for application info and to see the effect the fund is already having!

September 20, 2011 - The tally is now at $87,500. Wahoo! Though this number is amazing and we owe heartfelt thanks to all who have donated, please continue to mail out the website to your friends and family as we will need much more to help as many businesses as possible. The Committee for disbursement of the funds met last night to discuss the application and disbursal process. Applications will be available starting 09/22/2011. Look at the menu link APPLY for more details.
Click Here for a list of businesses in the valley already back up and running!

The Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development (ACCD) is asking businesses damaged by the floods to give them a call at 802-828-3211. ACCD is working in cooperation with FEMA to document damage to businesses and business properties, but they can also point callers towards additional flood recovery resources. Visit the ACCD website for a list of assessment and assistance programs.

September 6, 2011 - We have 501c3 status as of today and received an amazing $10,000 donation already! Every little bit helps, but let's see if we can get some people to try and match this! We upped our goal today based on recent figures coming in from the town on the massive amount of losses incurred by these local businesses and have decided to include businesses affected in Wilmington, as well as Dover and Whitingham. Remember to ask for our tax id number if you have corporate matching for donations!

September 4, 2011 - Still working on the 501c3 status. We are hoping for large organizations to make some significant contributions, so please send the website out to any corporations that you know of that might be able to help. The town cleanup is still moving along tremendously but after seeing the magnitude of rebuilding, repairs, and replacements necessary firsthand, I cannot stress enough how these businesses are going to need help to get back up and running. Every little bit counts.

September 1, 2011 - This was a disaster, but it truly shows what a beautiful community we are a part of. I was down at Stone Puddles this afternoon with volunteers helping clean it out, and though some of them are in worse situations with their own homes, they were more than willing to lend a hand, share a smile, and remind us how special being a Vermonter really is.

August 31, 2011 - The website is up and PayPal link is up. Please inform your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. to follow the link and donate. For the most up to date information go to the direct recovery website at

If you have any questions or would like to provide assistance in another form than donations, please contact Adam Palmiter at (802) 461-5871.

Adam Palmiter

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